World-class Employee Experiences

Everybody loves a great workplace. We help businesses create experiences that employees deserve.

It's rarely great

How great is that employee experience really?

Most often, system limitations, processes, and unnecessary complexities stifle the work experience of employees. We work with you to not only simplify the experience but also make it intuitive and frictionless.

80% of the time it's not great and the other 20% is trying really hard.

Back to basics

It starts with listening. Let the employees tell their story.

Stories reveal the hidden gems and dragons of an experience. We learn what works and courageously say when it doesn't.

Joanne's Story

My onboarding experience with my last company
was okay I guess. I went for 3 interviews
which was quite hard considering I only
applied for an admin assistant role. They
asked me to complete some forms online but it
kept asking me for a OTP after only 5 minutes
of inactivity. The forms were pretty lenghty
and I had to repeat all the information that
was on my CV already. The recruitment person
said it's part of the process.
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What we do

Here are some of the services we offer:

Mobile Apps. With focus on IOS and Android using latest technology our apps sets us apart.

Web Based Software. It's all in the cloud now, and so should your business digital presence be.

Systems Integration. We get systems talking so employees are not tasked with duplication and confusion.

Engagement Surveys. Get the true voice of your employees through our diverse employee engagement tool, Pulseme.

E-Learning. Thinking beyond an e-learning module our team takes an holistically approach around online learning.

Data Analytics. We help identify data.

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