World-class Employee Experiences

Everybody loves a great workplace. We help businesses create experiences that employees deserve.

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What we do

Things we do well

One Connected Team
We help employees remain engaged

The ultimate employee engagement app for New Zealand and other organisations.

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Cool Learning Videos
We create cool learning videos

We create cool learning videos and other learning collateral; because they're fantastic, and people want to watch them.

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Systems Integration
We simplify processes and systems

Processes in the workplace should be as simple as possible. Most organisations do not have the in-house capability to integrate systems and processes well, which costs them time and money and gives a bad employee experience.

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Leader Coaching
We develop top-class leaders

Bring out the best in you as a leader or leadership team. Our mantra is that leaders are authentic, accountable, have integrity, and build trust.

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Get Moodle
We host and manage Moodle Learning Management Systems

We will configure, manage and host your Moodle Learning Management software and integrate it with other People Systems.

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Feedback | Process simplification

Marina shares a story about a great experience because of the work we do.

"We went through a period of mass onboarding while using a shared Microsoft Excel document to give visibility of the process to talent, IT, Human Resources, and the direct line manager. This manual process was a nightmare, and we spent hours filling out duplicate entries. The Aggreg8 team developed an app that connected our Talent and HR system and created visibility for all involved in the process. They also built in triggers, rules and flags to ensure the team adhered to the strict turnaround times. The app was our saving grace and made sure we could safely onboard 50 people per day and still provide a tremendous first-time employee experience. " Marina Johnston: Head of Talent Aquisition

Monre Jameson
About us

Our Mission

We're Aggreg8 Limited, and we're in New Zealand. Our mission is to enhance the experience of kaimahi by developing the leadership and digital capability of New Zealand businesses. We focus on leadership development, systems and process simplification, and programmes that enhance employee experience.

Monré Jameson | CEO Aggreg8

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