World-class digital experiences

Get the personalised, omni-channel digital experience that your customers demand

The pressure is on

How well is your business keeping up with digital transformation?

Aggreg8 helps businesses improve their digital transformation while keeping customers happy and engaged. Too often digital limitations get in the way of great customer experiences. We aim to put your customers first and let the digital experience follows suit.

Keep innovating

Market leaders are at the forefront of innovation.

Aggreg8 will ensure your business is on top of innovative thinking. Standing still means moving backwards.

1 SatisfactionData “Customer Feedback”
3  {
4    "Susan": {
5      "KeyWord": "Innovative",
6      "Phrase" : "So easy to use",
7    }
8    "Jonathan": {
9      "KeyWord": "Impressed",
10     "Phrase" : "Love the personalisation",
11   }
12   "Jacob": {
13     "KeyWord": "Satisfied",
14     "Phrase" : "Complete frictionless",
15   }
16  }
STEP 1: Let's talk

Set up some time with us and let's explore what your business needs to be on track digitally.

What we do

Here are some of the services we offer:

Mobile Apps. With focus on IOS and Android using latest technology our apps sets us apart.

Web Based Software. It's all in the cloud now, and so should your business digital presence be.

Software Integration. With API's and Middleware we focus on creating sustainable software integration.

Surveys and Assessments. Aggreg8 is the proud creator of the world-class assessment software, PulseMe.

E-Learning. Thinking beyond an e-learning module our team takes an holistically approach around online learning.

Data Analytics. We help identify data.

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